President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Developments and progress in the field of cardiovascular science is possibly one of the most fascinating and rewarding one. It has helped tremendously in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease. The knowledge and management of cardiovascular disease is rapidly changing and advancing. To keep pace with this development we need to constantly upgrade and refresh our selves. The major role of societies like Cardiac Society of Nepal is to facilitate the transmission of knowledge to the physicians and its members.

The treatment of cardiac patients in Nepal is similarly rapidly changing and developing to meet the international standards.

Cardiac Society of Nepal (CSN), which started as a small group of doctor friends in 1998 has now grown to a sizable level. CSN at present is a society involving all physicians, surgeons and anaesthesiologists who are involved in the care of cardiac patients.  Personally I feel it is contributing significantly in the education, overall up gradation and refreshing of cardiovascular knowledge in the country. Its activities involve monthly Continuing Medical Education, biannually large conferences, regular Journal publication and promoting research in cardiology.

The academic activities initially started as occasional lectures in cardiology. We there after upgraded it to regular Continuing Medical education (CME) programmes and now to monthly CMEs. The CMEs cover topics of various fields of cardiology starting from preventive cardiology, general cardiology, paediatric cardiology, non interventional and Interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery and cardiac Anaesthesia.

We started conference at national level and then at international level from more than a decade ego. For the past two years we are having this conference in association with the Mayo Clinic, USA in which significant no of the faculty is from Mayo Clinic. We, also in association with Mayo Clinic coordinate Nurses conference, Perfusionists training and Intensive care training to the physicians, surgeons and the nurses.

The society yearly awards Migrendra Samjhana Memorial Trust (MSMT) young Investigator award for the best published paper in that year.

The cardiac society of Nepal website is upgraded and soon all the academic activities of the society will be accessible free from the site.

Cardiac Society of Nepal which has been having its office inside the premises of Sahid Ganglal National heart Centre will soon have its own office at the Nepal Medical Association building, which is under construction.

We have been having Cardiac Society of Nepal forum in the regional conference and in the near future, we will be seeking to have Cardiac Society of Nepal forum in International conferences as well. The name and activity of the society has to be further strengthened to acquire a respectable position in the globe.

I am sure with the help and active participation of all the members, acquiring such target will not be difficult.

Let us all wish the society a brilliant future ahead.

Thank you.

Dr. Yadav Bhatt
Cardiac Society of Nepal


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