President's Message

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of non-communicable disease in our country, with it being the leading causes of deaths in adults. The burden of cardiovascular disease remains very high within our midst, despite the gradual increasing awareness in our population with regards to cardiovascular disease.

It is commendable that some of our members have worked extensively in identifying and bringing awareness of these cardiovascular disease in the community. It has now become imperative that our society, being the guardian for treatment of such disease in the countryplay a more active role in bringing awareness and endeavor to bring down the prevalence of such disease in our country. The society is working to create a scorecard which will identify a core set of indicators that will allow us to understand the epidemiological situation of cardiovascular disease in our country better. We should also evaluate the status of cardiovascular disease programs prevalent in our country, identify gaps and help prioritize and advocate for policies that would help guide us to bring down these numbers. We need to work to develop specific guidelines that will help prioritize and implement solutions to prevent premature deaths due to cardiovascular disease. We have identified and will look to create disease specific roadmaps on Rheumatic heart disease, Hypertension, Coronary artery disease, Heart failure and more to reduce the number of such diseases.

I would like to congratulate our members for undertaking and creating a national treatment guideline for CVD in our country. It is a great example on how our society can be a great influence to the community and the country.

I strongly believe that our society’s CVD Registry willfacilitate us to improve on our outcomesin the treatment of CVD in the country. The registry was created 4 years back and we must all continue to persevere in maintaining this exceptional registry. We all hold a unique opportunity to preserve this national registry and then pass down to our succeeding members and thus I appeal to all, to continue to work to maintain our registry.

The past few years has been a testing period for the entire medical fraternity worldwide and it holds true for our country as well. We all take pride in our medical community, that we stood steadfast and discharged our duties commendably in treating patients during the peak of the pandemic, however we have lost a few advocates and active members our society. I would like to pay homage to them – their memory will remain a treasure for us.

The society continues to promote fellowship and education for our members. These testing times has made it difficult for us to gather in large numbers hampering our annual International and National conferences for the last couple of years, however we hope to continue to create opportunity for interaction, knowledge sharing and learning through continuous medical education conducted by our subspecialty committee. Our society publishes a bi-annual peer reviewed journal – Nepalese Heart Journal which remains a popular opportunity for publications related to CVD in our country.

It is heartening to see the society membership continue to rapidly grow with freshand young dynamic adult and pediatric cardiologists, Cardiovascular surgeons, Cardiac anesthetists and intensivists joining us amongst our folds. I see a great future for our association and let us continue to strive to build a greater fellowship.


Dr Ratna Mani Gajurel
Cardiac Society of Nepal